Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Grey Is the New Black

“All our dreams can come true, If we have 
the courage to pursue them.”
- Walt Disney

I’ve been wearing black pants and black leggings everyday (aside from skirts and dresses of course) for who knows how long, no other color, just black. I went on a little hunt to a place down in Belmont Shore and found these grey pants/ leggings that I absolutely love! They’re so comfortable yet dressy. The store I got them at is called Heavenly Couture, they sell all their clothes for $16. yup $16. Everything from shirts to dresses, to jackets and sweaters. Some things are better quality than others, but over all it’s a really good buy for the price. I picked up a few things on my visit there last week, I’m thinking of sharing those with you guys in a future post. 

I paired the pants with a black shirt to keep it neutral. I’m not quite sure why i’m liking dark colors at the moment, maybe because I can add almost any makeup look and it’ll look amazing. 

Shirt (can’t remember... hehe)
Pants (Heavenly Couture $16.00)
Shoes (Forever 21 $29.99)

Where is your favorite place to shop?
Anywhere you recommend?

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  1. I really love the hounds tooth pattern on the leggings!! So great! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. I know I really like these! They're becoming one of my favorites!

  2. Glad you found a great pair of leggings. I love when you find just what you are looking for. Thanks for stopping by!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

    1. Exactly, I didn't even know I wanted these lol thank you :)

  3. That pants is so lovely! I'm a huge fan of black too, it's the safest colour for me to wear. LOL! Back in Malaysia, I love shopping in H&M but don't find the store here, the perils of living in a very small town.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yes! Black is so easy to wear! Awe I love small towns but I don't know what I'd do about the shopping lol

  4. Girl you look stunning!! I love those pants! They look great on you! Love your blog! New follower!

    XO, Erica


  5. You look stunning lovely, such a simple, classic look. Always my favourite! :)


  6. The Walt Disney quote is a lovely addition to this post and this look is very well put together and looks so comfortable! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


    1. I love those quotes! it”s very comfortable, I would totally wear it everyday hehe! :)


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