Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Day

“Don’t Wait for the perfect moment, 
take the moment and make it perfect.”

Out of all the wonderful things in nature I absolutely love the snow. I’ve always preferred the Winter over the Summer simply because in my opinion, it’s easier to stay warm when it’s cold than to stay cool when it’s hot. I can walk around with coats, blankets, and scarfs when I’m freezing but I can’t walk around naked when I’m burning up (yucky). Aside from this, I love the look of winter, trees covered in snow is my definition of the season, although, LA is the last place anyone would ever find snow. I was dying to spend some time in the snowy mountains the whole month of January and finally, this past Saturday my sister, my boyfriend, his cousin, and I were able to drive up to Big Bear Lake. 

There was a mixture of fog, rain, and snow on our way up to the lake. When we got off the car everything had stopped and the ground was completely dressed in white. As we walked around trying to find the perfect hill to slide down on, it began to snow...and let me tell you...it was beautiful!

We spent about an hour trying to build this pesky little snow man, who honestly wasn’t so little at all, he was almost my height...which is still kind of tall right? when it was time to crown him with a nose, we conveniently found a carrot laying around (i know, it’s strange). 

On our drive back home, the sky was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Sunsets have always been my favorite, I can never ignore them, I always have to stop and stare.

Hopefully you liked these pictures as much I do and I’d also like to say
that if you have ever woken up to a front lawn covered in snow I am very jelaous.

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