Monday, August 25, 2014

Tarte: Rainforest After Dark

"Do What you can, with what you have, where you are."
-Theodore Roosevelt

A few weeks ago Ulta posted a picture of Tarte's Rainforest After Dark palette on their Instagram page. That same day (*cough), I went out and bought it!

The palette is for both cheeks and eyes, it contains a highlighter (0.14 oz), a bronzer (0.14 oz), a blush (0.21 oz), and six eyeshadows (0.035 oz).

I’m a sucker for cute packaging so I obviously fell in love! I was sold at the fact that its very small and thin which makes it easy to carry around, specially during traveling! 

so this is how it looks like......

It’s made up of earthy tones, which are perfect for the coming fall. 

left to right: Bare To Explore, Make A Mauve, Plum Away With me, Up To No Gold, Tan-gled Up In You, Don’t Turn A-Brown

The six eyeshadows give you a variety of different looks. They have great color payoff and apply fairly easily.Three of the shadows are matte, including Bare To Explore, Tan-gled Up In You, and Don’t Turn A-Brown.  Make A Mauve and Plum Away With Me are shimmery sheen shadows, Up To No Gold also has shimmer but its more in the metallic family

left to right: Champagne, Unleashed, Park Ave princess

Champagne is a gorgeous highlight. IT’S very sheen so it’s easy to overdo. It also tends to stick and concentrate where it was initially applied (hope Im making some sense here... hehe) so you gotta make sure it’s completely blended out.

Unleashed is a beautiful rosy pink color that matches perfectly with the warm tones of the eyeshadows.

Park Ave Princess is a very subtle bronzer that is not too orange and not too muddy. I love It because it's the perfect bronzer for my skin tone! 

Overall the palette is Amazing! I did notice some fallout, specially on the bronzer, but aside from that, I absolutely love it! Tarte did a great job on the palette, if you’re thinking of giving it a try, I 100% recommend it!

Will you be using this palette for the fall? Any recommendations of others I should try?

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  1. I love the packaging and the colors,sooo jealoussss!

  2. looks very nice, pretty colors :)


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